Gastro-Fiber Mix

Gastro-Fiber Mix
  • Selection alfalfa + hypro hay
  • Gastro herbs mixture + probiotics
  • Gamma Oryzanol + selenium + Vitamin E
  • Balanced calcium-phosphorus 2:1
  • Omega 3-6-9

Gastro-Fiber Mix with selected alfalfa & hypro hay is the perfect roughage for horses that have poor digestion, have difficulty processing grains and are sensitive to stomach ulcers and colic. Gastro Fiber-Mix is ​​very suitable for skinny horses, horses during recovery and sport horses. Gastro herb mix + probiotics keep the intestinal flora in optimal condition and ensure good bacterial growth in the intestines. Omega 3-6-9 and the correct ratio of selected alfalfa & hypro hay ensure a perfect calcium-phosphorus ratio (1:2), so that the horse's body can function optimally. Gamma Oryzanol is the main component. This stabilized rice bran contains 60% good fats. These ensure powerfully muscled horses, without making the horses hot. Vitamin E + selenium have been added in the correct ratio and ensure the removal of waste products and stimulate muscle building. Very low sugar-starch content. This Gastro Fiber Mix is ​​ideal for horses that quickly suffer from muscle stiffness, laminitis, diarrhea or colic.

  • Composition:

    alfalfa fiber, hypro hay, alfalfa pellet, short meal, oat hulls, chaff, straw, molasses, linseed oil, gastro herb mixture.

  • Analytical constituents:

    85,5% Dry matte, 9% crude protein, 24% crude fiber, 2% crude fat, 8% crude ash.

  • Directions for use:

    500g per 100kg body weight per day, maximum 3kg per day.
    TIP: Add +/- 1kg to the muesli mix at each feeding.
    Provide good quality hay & straw and fresh water. Keep cool and dry.
    Available in 20kg.

    Supplementary food for horses.