Slobber Mash

Slobber Mash

Slobber-Mash is a vitamin-rich horse mixture containing grains, barley flakes and rice bran supplemented with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. It also ensures that lost minerals and moisture are replenished after exertion. This is also recommended for (senior) horses that have difficulty gaining or maintaining weight, as well as for competition horses that have difficulty eating and drinking. It also contains linseed oil for a shiny coat and good intestinal flora.

  • Directions for use:

    The Slobber-Mash must be diluted with lukewarm water and allowed to steep for 10 minutes.
    Available in bags of 20kg.

    Supplementary food for horses.

  • Composition:

    barley flakes, oat hulls, corn flakes, flaked beet pulp, spelt, rice bran, soy, electrolytes, puffed barley, puffed corn, alfalfa pellets, brewer's yeast powder, spice mix, amino acids, turmeric